Reine is home to some of the best and most authentic rorbuer—traditional fishermen’s cabins converted for travelers—on the Lofoten Islands. Rorbuer vary in size, comfort, and price, so it’s a good idea to look through each group of cabins to find the best fit. Most cabins come equipped with a full kitchen and a Coop Market is located in the center of town. Also, budget and camping options are listed below.

Rorbuer (Fishermen's Cabins)

Reine Rorbuer
The Reine Rorbuer are excellent on all fronts—the cabins have been restored with modern comforts while retaining their rustic charm. Outfitter Reine Adventure has an office next door for biking, kayaking, and skiing. 2013 summer prices: 1200K–2580K ($205–$440).

Sakrisøy Rorbuer
The website doesn’t do justice to the beautiful cabins and fantastic location (Sakrisøy is a small island across from Reine). Accommodations in Norway aren’t cheap, but the Sakrisøy Rorbuer are a great value and include the use of a rowboat. 2013 summer prices: 1175K–1650K ($200–$280).

Rorbu Cabins at Valen
Two exceptional rorbuer—Valbua and Aronbua—sit side-by-side in Reine on their own stretch of water. The cabins are recently renovated, have ample exterior space, and are located 100 meters from the market. Their only shortcoming is proximity to the main road, which runs directly behind the cabins. 2013 summer prices: 1600K for Aronbua and 2100K Valbua ($275 and $360). 10% discount for one-week rentals.

Eliassen Rorbuer (Hamnøy)
Three kilometers east of Reine is the tiny village of Hamnøy and the Eliassen Rorbuer. The rorbuer were completely renovated in 2010—gone is the rustic charm but the cabins are modern, slightly cheaper than the nearby counterparts, and offer excellent views of Reine. 2013 summer prices: 1190K–1790K ($205–$305).


Guesthouse Det gamle Hotellet (Hamnøy)
Lilian runs this cozy guesthouse with five rooms (one shared bathroom), a fully equipped kitchen, and wireless internet. With single rooms starting at 450K per night ($77), you won’t find a better deal in the Reine area. The guesthouse is conveniently located across from the bus stop.


Given the topography, camping in the immediate vicinity of Reine is limited (flatter ground for free camping can be found west near the villages of Mosekenes and Å). For wilderness camping, Bunes beach and Horseid beach north of Reine are extraordinarily beautiful. You will need to take the ferry and carry in all supplies including water, but the views of the mountains, ocean, and midnight sun are some of the best on Lofoten. Make sure to check the weather forecast before heading out.

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