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  • Hiking and Backpacking

    Hiking Gear Guides

    A complete look at the best hiking gear of 2018, from light and packable tents and sleeping bags to proven backcountry footwear and clothing 

  • On Location Cordillera Huayhuash

    On Location: Cordillera Huayhuash

    A self-supported journey on Peru's stunning Huayhuash Circuit

  • Lightweight hiking shoes (homepage slider)

    Lightweight Hiking Shoes

    For those that want to move fast and light on the trail, see our picks for the year’s top hiking shoe models

  • REI Half Dome 2 Plus Review (homepage)

    Review: REI Co-op Half Dome

    We take the revamped 2018 Half Dome tent backpacking in Patagonia and the Great Smoky Mountains

  • Quinn Brett Interview (slider)

    Look Up, Stand Still, Breathe

    An interview with Quinn Brett on the risk of climbing, fear, and the long road to recovery

  • Backpacking Tents (slider 2018)

    The Best Backpacking Tents

    From ultralight models for moving fast and light to budget options for weekend trips, we break down the year’s top backpacking tents

  • On Location Cochamo

    On Location: Valle Cochamó

    A climber reflects on magic and fragility in Chile's Cochamó Valley

  • Mountain Bike Helmet review

    The Best Mountain Bike Helmets

    With improved coverage and a bump in safety tech, today’s mountain bike helmets are better fitting and more protective than ever

  • Adidas Terrex Swift R2 (homepage)

    Review: Adidas Terrex Swift R2

    We take Adidas's updated Swift R2 backpacking in Utah’s Canyon Country

  • Camping Stoves (homepage)

    The Best Camping Stoves

    Calling all camp chefs: your portable cooktop is ready

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