Despite the remote Arctic location, the North Cape is more easily reached than one might assume. The small town of Honningsvåg is thirty-two miles away from the North Cape and serves as its transportation hub. Below are your transportation options and information:

The Hurtigurten

The Norwegian Coastal Express stops in the port at Honningsvåg and bus connections to the North Cape are readily available. The Hurtigurten also offers spectacular views while rounding Northern Norway including of the North Cape. 

North Cape Tunnel

Passing under the sea from the mainland to the island of Magerøya, the North Cape Tunnel was completed in 1999 and ferry crossings are no longer required. On June 29, 2012, the Norwegian government removed the expensive toll levied on all cars and individuals driving through the tunnel. The North Cape Tunnel is now free and Road E69 connects all the way to the point.

Buses from Honningsvåg

Frequent buses operated by Boreal run from Honningsvåg to the North Cape during the summer (four daily departures) and continue through the winter (one daily departure). From November 1st through April 30th the road to the North Cape is closed to private cars and you must take the bus from Honningsvåg.

Honningsvåg Airport

Honningsvåg Airport (HVG) is located 32 kilometers southeast of the North Cape near the town of Honningsvåg. The airport is serviced by Wideroe Airlines with connections through Hammerfest and Alta. When flying from Oslo to Honningsvåg you can expect one or more stops.

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