Jenny Abegg

Jenny Abegg

Title: Senior Editor (Former)

Location: Leavenworth, WA

Expertise & Background

  • Topics of Expertise: Climbing, mountaineering, trail running, hiking and backpacking, backcountry skiing
  • Education: Masters in Education
  • Years of Writing: 9
  • Years of Gear Testing: 9
  • Certifications: PCGI certified Lead Guide
  • Club or Association Memberships: American Alpine ClubAccess FundAustrian Alpine Club
  • Previous Publications: Climbing Magazine, Alpinist, Sidetracked, Adventure Journal, REI Co-op Journal

Why I Chose This Career

It feels like the other way around—this career chose me. I've always loved writing and have a fairly analytical brain, but my biggest fascination in life was with the mountains and the experiences I could have within them. Luckily, I get to combine the two!

How I Began My Career

Way back in the day, I was full-time rock climbing and living in my van and needed some extra cash to support my dirtbaggery. It made sense to write about the gear I was using and the life I was living! Fast forward almost a decade and I'm still doing just that, although my "house" got a little bigger and is no longer on wheels.

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