People come to Kaikoura primarily for the whale-watching but it’s also a fantastic place to surf. Some of the most popular breaks are Kahutara (19 km south of town) and Mangamaunu (16 km north of town), the latter being one of New Zealand’s best rights. On the whole, the coastline north of Kaikoura is an ideal place to explore a number of off-the-beaten-path surf spots.

Kaikoura Surfing Lessons

Boardsilly Surf School

  • Guided by local professional surfer Dave Lyons
  • 3-hour lessons include transport, equipment, coaching, and refreshments
  • Email: [email protected], phone: 64 800 787 352
  • Bookings also available at R&R Sport

Kaikoura Surfboard Rentals

R&R Sport

  • Rentals include surfboards, wetsuits, and boogie boards
  • Offers advice on current local surfing conditions
  • Lessons available with local surfer and guide Dave Lyons

Kaikoura Surf

  • Longboards, shortboards, and wetsuits
  • Advance booking available
  • Retailers of locally-made Surge Surfboards

Kaikoura Surfing
Surfing at Mangamaunu near Kaikoura | Photo Credit: Karel Jadrnicek ([email protected])

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