Surfing is an ideal way to experience New Zealand, and renting a board opens up over 15,000 kilometers of coastline. Depending on the location, surfboard rentals with a wetsuit are approximately $40–$50 for a half day and $60–$80 for a full day. Multi-day rentals can be considerably cheaper. Many of the establishments below also offer surfing lessons for beginners.


North Island

Raglan Surfing School (Raglan)

  • Wide range of surfboards and wetsuits rentals available year-round
  • During the summer, the Raglan Surfing School operates a trailer on Ngarunui Beach for easy rentals and returns
  • “Stay and Surf” packages at the nearby Karioi Lodge

Aotearoa Surf School (Te Arai)

  • 1.5 hours north of Auckland
  • Offers a large selection of surfboard and wetsuits rental along with advice on places to surf in the area
  • Delivery and pick up is available anywhere on the coast between Omaha and Waipu

Muriwai Surf School (Auckland)

  • 30 minutes west of Auckland
  • Over 150 surfboards and 250 wetsuits available to rent
  • Surf shed is a short stroll from the beach

Real Surf (Wellington)

  • Located on Lyall Bay, Wellington’s main surfing beach
  • More than 15 surfboards and 35 wetsuits available for all ages, weights, and abilities

South Island

R&R Sport (Kaikoura)

  • Rentals include surfboards, wetsuits, and boogie boards
  • Offers advice on current local surfing conditions
  • Lessons available with local surfer and guide Dave Lyons

Esplanade Surf School (Dunedin)

  • Operates from St. Clair Beach 10 minutes from Dunedin
  • Surfboard and wetsuit hire ranging from foam beginner boards to high performance short boards
  • During the winter, rentals are by appointment only

Catlins Surf (Curio Bay)

  • Located at the Curio Bay campground near the beach
  • Available rentals include surfboards, wetsuits, and accessories
  • Curio Bay has good waves and less people than other surf spots
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